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About Corporate Chauffeurs

With over 20 years’ experience, Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast have revolutionised the transport industry, providing personalised and luxury transport for any occasion imaginable. From corporate car hire and theme park tours, through to wedding vehicle hire, we provide the best service possible to ensure that every single customer receives the VIP treatment.

Our comfortable, luxurious and reliable fleet is made up of a variety of vehicles – Holden Caprice, Audi Q7, Audi A8 L, S Class Mercedes, Mercedes Viano, and a range of stretch limousines – so no matter what the occasion we can provide a suitable match. We can even supply baby seats and baby boosters—luxury for the whole family.

The comfort these exceptional vehicles provide is complemented and enhanced by our courteous and professional drivers who make sure that all your needs are met during your journey. Not only will they ensure that you get to your destination safely and on time, they are there to answer any questions and fulfil any requests you have.

Our Inspiration

We love the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay. They’re all exceptionally beautiful cities that have so much to offer, both for locals and visiting tourists. Our vision was to design a remarkable luxury limousine and vehicle rental service that would not only complement the magnificence of these cities but also enrich the experiences of our valued customers.

We also realised that sometimes special events and occasions require extra class and style. Arriving in style with Corporate Chauffeurs is the perfect way to impress. We also have a large national and international network—so, regardless of where you need to travel, we can help.

Our Goal

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, we want to provide you with an unforgettable experience that will make you see the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay in a new way. We aim to improve and learn with each and every trip we complete, so every time you come back to us you can expect an even better experience than the last.

Corporate Chauffeurs committed to achieving ultimate customer satisfaction, and we do this by understanding that every customer is unique. We tailor our services with each trip so that all our customers receive a personalised VIP experience and get to experience what it’s like to be a superstar.

Large Group Management

Large group management refers to the process of organizing, coordinating, and controlling a large group of people for a specific purpose or event. This can involve various aspects such as logistics, communication, safety, and overall coordination.

Effective large group management involves careful planning and execution to ensure that everyone involved in the event or activity is well-informed and that everything runs smoothly. This can include things like providing clear instructions and schedules, setting up appropriate communication channels, providing necessary resources and equipment, and ensuring that safety measures are in place.

Large group management can be particularly challenging in situations such as conferences, concerts, festivals, and other events that involve a high number of participants. In such cases, it is important to have a dedicated team of professionals who are experienced in managing large groups and who can work together to ensure that everything is properly coordinated and executed.

Contact Us

If the best is what you’re looking for, it’s what we provide. Whether you’re looking for an airport transfer, transport to a theme park, or the perfect luxury vehicle to arrive in at your wedding, we can customise our services to your needs.

Contact Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast today and we can revolutionise your entire transport experience:

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