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Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast’s Hygiene Standards and Procedures

Corporate Chauffeurs Hygiene

Corporate Chauffeurs Hygiene and Safety Standards

Want to learn about Corporate Chauffeurs Hygiene and Safety Standards? When it comes to providing premium transport service, the health and safety of our customers is always at the forefront of our minds. From employing incredibly experienced and knowledgeable to drivers to choosing vehicles with enhanced safety features, every decision that we make is to optimise the safety of the services we provide.

 As such, we are extremely conscious of providing a clean and hygienic environment every time a customer chooses to travel with us.

At Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast, we are proud to uphold incredibly high standards when it comes to our cleaning and hygiene procedures and protocols. Not only does this ensure our customers’ health and safety, it gives you complete peace of mind.

Moreover, you can rest assured that the same practices & standards are consistent across our entire fleet & upheld by every single one of our chauffeurs.

Large Group Management

Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast abides by strict hygiene and cleaning protocols at all times, no matter the time of the year. However, during times of increased concern regarding hygiene and cleanliness – such as during flu season or a viral outbreak – these procedures are built upon appropriately.

Our normal hygiene and cleaning protocols include:

  • Daily disinfectant cleaning of all vehicles that are in use, including the interior and exterior
  • Each vehicle provides customers with tissues
  • Drivers’ uniforms are washed daily
  • Drivers are not to come to work if they are sick

To reduce the spread of viruses and infections during times of concern, we increase our cleaning and hygiene protocols to include:

  • After every trip, the interior of the vehicle is cleaned with careful attention being paid to commonly handles objects or frequently touched areas such as door handles, seats and headrests
  • Passengers and chauffeurs are not to physically touch, which includes no shaking hands
  • All vehicles provide passengers with hand sanitiser
  • Any entertainment that requires handling, such as magazines, brochures or flyers, is removed

How You Can Help

To ensure the health and safety of our chauffeurs, other passengers and the wider community, we respectfully ask that during periods of increased viral transmission and infection that they similarly follow precautions to limit spread, including:

  • Please use the tissues provided or your elbow if you need to cough or sneeze
  • Where possible, avoid touching your face
  • Refrain from using our services if you are sick or inform us prior to your journey

Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast want to do everything we can to ensure that your journey is as safe and comfortable as possible. As such, if there are any extra measures you would like us to provide, please just let us know.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our hygiene and cleaning standards or protocols, please feel free to contact us: