Travel Companies

Travel companies are doing the correct thing to offer there clients transport services as they book from hotels to airline tickets. We’re travel agents get is wrong is then they book transport through companies that don’t even own a car or a hotel, We have come across a few calls over the years we’re a passenger will call us and say hello was looking for my driver and then we find a the online booking company used our name as a keyword to rank on the internet, and then the passenger is stuck in the middle of a airport with not been able to contact anyone, this is what we say bad travel arrangements.


The Travel Agent not knowing what there getting in to but still backfires to them for getting it wrong at the first place with us you get a person on the phone at all times that’s the plus, and you will not receive a ride share vehicle with us it a Chauffeurs driven luxury car with a uniformed driver that knows where he or she is going.

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