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Uber and other ride sharing services are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, which has brought up many debates around whether they’re better than traditional taxis and car services.

Next time you’re planning how you’re going to get to Gold Coast Airport, there are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding whether to choose an Uber or a private chauffeur transfer:

Driver opening car door, comparing Uber vs private chauffeur.


Founded in 2009 in the United States, Uber has since taken the world by storm. But is it worth the hype? We run through the pros and cons below.


  • You can order it from pretty much anywhere, whenever you want, and you will generally be able to find a ride within a matter of minutes.
  • It is generally quite affordable and is often cheaper than regular taxis or other car services.
  • You are able to organise your trip entirely through an app: your location services help to determine where you’re getting picked up, your credit card is linked to the app which makes the whole process cashless, and you can split the payment with other people if you’re sharing the ride with friends.


  • If you’re ordering an Uber at a popular time, you can be charged a ‘surge price’, meaning that you will have to pay more for your ride than usual. This can quickly hike up the price of what you thought was going to be an affordable ride. Surge pricing can double and even triple when there is a particularly high demand for Ubers (such as during peak hour or when it’s raining).
  • Ubers can be extremely unreliable and are known to cancel just minutes away from arriving. This can majorly disrupt your plans, which is the last thing you want when you’re on a tight schedule and a cancelled Uber could result in you missing your flight.
  • Since the demand for Uber drivers has increased, the screening process has become very relaxed, meaning pretty much anyone is able to become an Uber driver. This is cause for major safety concerns, as you do not know the competence of your driver.
  • As tempting as the low prices can be, they are not only destroying traditional taxi and car service industries, they also result in drivers not being paid enough, working long (and unsafe) hours, and generally experiencing poor working conditions. By using these services, you are in a way contributing to the exploitation of workers.
Man enjoying ride with coffee in car.

Private Chauffeur Transfers

Private chauffeur transfers are a more traditional mode of transport that users have been relying on for years. Is it outdated or is it an example of ‘don’t fix it if it’s not broken’?


  • One of the best things about private chauffeur transfers is the ability to cater to you and your wants and needs. For example, the luxury service we provide at Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast is aimed to make you feel like a superstar by providing you with VIP service. This means we are willing to go above and beyond to make sure that your trip is as comfortable and luxurious as possible. We can even provide baby seats and baby boosters so that the whole family can gets to have a taste of luxury.
  • Private chauffeur transfers are able to provide a range of different vehicles to cater for every occasion and situation. This is particularly vital when heading to the airport with the whole family and a lot of luggage. The wide array of vehicles we offer at Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast will ensure that there is plenty of room for all of your luggage without impeding on your space or comfort during your trip. After all, there’s nothing worse than your Uber arriving, spending fifteen minutes trying to get everything to fit in the vehicle and then being cramped during your trip due to having to have a bag under your feet.
  • The drivers of private chauffeur transfers are highly experienced and professional. Not only will you be in safe and capable hands, they will also cater to your every need – whether that be answering questions about tourist attractions on the Gold Coast, or letting you have some privacy while you go through business files.


  • Because they’re organised in advanced, private chauffeur transfers are extremely reliable. The car will be there on time to pick you up and will arrive at the airport in a timely manner, so you don’t have to worry about missing your flight.


  • Private chauffeur transfers can be on the pricier side but most people who choose them say that it’s worth it for the extra comfort and luxury they are able to experience.

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