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Should You Hire A Private Driver When On Vacation

While planning a vacation there is something that you will take into consideration beforehand and that’s transportation. It is also crucial to decide whether to hire a private driver or not. This decision could make a huge difference on your vacation, from assistance with baggage to saving time and money, the advantages of hiring a private driver will change your vacation. We will delve into the advantages of hiring a private driver and how they can help with their services; from travelling and making sure you’re comfortable to last-minute plans. Not to forget Corporate Chauffeur Gold Coast to not only assist with all your chauffeur concerns but all the others that come with travel as well.

Convenience and Time-Saving

Private Driver and lady sitting back.

If your travel plan includes a vacation, hiring a private driver offers a high level of convenience and shortens your travel time. There are no shortcuts while navigating unfamiliar streets and trying to find the shortest possible route: how to get from my hotel to the location as efficiently as possible, how far I have to park from the entrance, and what traffic laws do I have to obey in a foreign country? All of these problems go away with a driver. The driver will be able to take you anywhere, at any time; you won’t have to think and waste time the whole time at the location.

Having a private driver means travelling from point A to point B as fast as possible and as effectively as possible – which is essential if you have an itinerary of 20 sightseeing tours, restaurants, and activities that you need to get to

The Problem of Navigating Unfamiliar Places

Travelling abroad is a huge challenge to overcome. Dealing with roads and destinations that you are completely unfamiliar with is in itself a huge challenge. Signposts will be different to what you are used and traffic rules will be unfamiliar, ultimately resulting in confusion, delays and possible fines. Hiring a private driver, familiar with the locality, can easily avoid these predicaments by planning the best routes, avoiding traffic issues and guaranteeing the client is at their destinations on time and hassle-free.

Safety and Stress-Free Travel

Every traveller cares about a stress-free trip. employing an exclusive driver will add safety to your trip. An exclusive driver can attain in-depth understanding through instruction to get qualified and also told basic rules to surpass the initial exam and, if they pass it, they can freely take out bus license. These drivers know so many unique roads and are aware of the local customs and laws, as there are special rules and norms in every country abroad.

Stress-Free Experience

Travelling is not fun at all, especially in a place that you do not know. This is the reason I prefer to hire a private driver when travelling. Driving in a foreign city can be very stressful. We have to worry about going the right way or finding a place to park. Driving in the busy streets is also stressful. We do not have to worry about these when we hire a private driver. We only have to enjoy the ride.

Travelling with little children or old people is much less stressful when we hire a private driver. You can unbuckle your kid and leave it lying on the back seat because a private driver will not drive recklessly. People with disabilities or with arthritis can hire private drivers to ease their travelling. The drivers are very experienced with troubleshooting and coping with sudden difficulties.

Exploring New Destinations with a Local Expert

My top pick for benefits when hiring a private driver is the opportunity to ask your driver for some local knowledge. They typically know exactly what you have spent years researching for, and can identify the main places of interest you already know, as well as the places where you simply can’t read about in a guidebook.

Local Knowledge and Cultural Insights

A private driver can offer knowledge of local culture, history and traditions, pinpoint the best times of day to visit crowded attractions, clue you in on festivals or events you might see during your stay, and point out how and when to wish shopkeepers a happy New Year. Additionally, while tourists can speak to only a partial range of a place’s sights if you can converse in the local tongue, you can discuss almost anything, which adds an entirely new dimension to learning and understanding. If a guided tour is not on your agenda, these are just a few of the ways your guide can enrich your travel experience.

Customised Sightseeing Tours

Private drivers can also provide a bespoke sightseeing tour that is tailored to your interests and tastes. If you’re a history buff, the driver can take you to various historic sites. If you’re interested in wildlife or nature, they can take you into the mountains to snap photos of Tibetan foxes and yaks and indulge your cravings for Kasturi moto (yak butter tea) by taking you to some of the best places to taste it. The possibilities are endless.

Customised Itinerary and Personalised Service

It allows you to create a perfect itinerary just for your style of travelling when buying private driver services versus joining a group tour, you decide your own pace and you decide where to go. Group tours all follow a fixed basic itinerary and usually cover all the same attractions, to buy private driver services, on the other hand, you can make a detailed itinerary and have a special itinerary seriously set just for you. Surely the response is: Yes. it does!

Flexibility and Freedom

With your driver, you can alter the program spontaneously. If you happen to stumble upon a quaint village or a scenically beautiful vista that was not already on your itinerary, you are free to increase your time there without the burden of fitting it into the same strict schedule. It is easy to accommodate spontaneous excursions when one is not burdened by an inflexible timetable.

Personalised Attention

With a private driver, you will receive that kind of personal service that takes care of your needs, like helping you with your baggage, recommending local restaurants or activities, and making sure that you are very comfortable during the entire journey. This sort of personal service can make your vacation awesome, definitely awesome.

Cost Considerations for Private Driver Hire

Although hiring a private driver is beneficial in many ways, people should also think about cost when they provide their private driver on the trip. Hiring a private driver service in many countries or areas varies according to the locations, the transportation tools you need and the time how long those private drivers can provide their service for you. Many tourists and business groups, can afford the cost because those private driver services can offer them main advantages such as convenience, safety and better service compared to transportation in a very public way.

Comparing Costs

When adjudicating the expenses of hiring a private driver compared to other means of transportation, such as rental cars or taxis, we should consider that, at first glance, the expense of a rental car appears markedly lower than a private driver, though when adding up extra costs such as gas, parking, insurance, and the time used up for going around, rental cars eventually accumulate the same quotation as a private driver. When comparing taxis and other ride-share forms of transport, one can notice that these services can be more expensive and deliver fewer guarantees concerning reliability and comfort.

Value for Money

I think the main reason for the popularity of hiring a private driver is it is more money because it can save you time. As we all know, it can save you more than waiting for a bus or tube from point A to point B. Besides, it can offer you more convenience by travelling along the special road and can become a good company in case of bad weather conditions or car breakdown.

In my opinion, it’s a very good idea for the group travelling as long as one or two people pay the entire money to fully enjoy your time which means spending more money for each person can be reasonably affordable money-wise, especially for some families or group of friends.

How Corporate Chauffeur Gold Coast Can Help

A leading luxury chauffeur service in the Gold Coast area, Corporate Chauffeur Gold Coast offers a full range of services to complement your travel needs. Whether it is a trip to the Gold Coast for business or leisure, we provide the most reliable and professional chauffeurs with the highest quality vehicles.

Extensive Services

They offer services for airport transfers, to and from corporate events, for specialised functions or weddings, and sightseeing along the Gold Coast. All their chauffeurs are experienced, courteous, and keen to provide the very best service on the Gold Coast while getting to know the area and offering helpful hints and recommendations for travellers.

Luxury Transportation

Let us remind you, that travelling in style, means travelling with comfort as well. We offer comfortable, luxury sedans, SUVs, and vans for you and have some of the latest amenities installed for that nice and relaxing ride to add that little flavour you would like from travelling to your destination. Whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner, group or family, we have the vehicle for you.

Safety and Reliability

The safety of every customer is a big concern for Corporate Chauffeur Gold Coast chauffeurs are put through thorough training that ensures their knowledge in driving and customer service. All their drivers are also subject to background checks for complete assurance of safety among their customers. Aside from that, the vehicles being offered are well-maintained and equipped with modern-day safety features.

Personalised Service

Corporate Chauffeur offers a personalised service that is tailored just for you. The chauffeurs at Corporate Chauffeur will be life savers when it comes to your travel needs.

A corporate chauffeur will do their best to accommodate your needs. If you want to bring your child, you can request ‘Please bring me in the car!’, or you can tell the chauffeur what you want to have in the car, like ‘Please, bring some fruit and water’ or ‘Please bring some music CDs.’

No matter what you need, they will be able to accommodate you. They want to serve you in a personalised and comfortable way.

The Perfect Choice for Your Travel Needs

Lady sitting in a luxury car

When you’re planning your next trip abroad, make sure that you take advantage of our experience with private drivers and book your private driver. Private drivers can make your trip easier, safer, more comfortable, and far more enjoyable. There are plenty of advantages to hiring a private driver over renting a car, taking public transportation, or using taxis on your next trip.


First, and perhaps the most obvious, driving abroad can be difficult. Road signs and traffic patterns may look different, and bringing your car might not be practical. Private drivers take care of all the details so that you can focus on your vacation. Second, and also obvious, private drivers know the area well. They have lived in the area and can get you where you need to go. Last, and without a doubt the most important reason to hire your private driver is their personal and professional services.


When you analyse the alternatives, which include getting lost, dealing with drunk and rude taxi drivers, arguing with bus drivers about whether they stopped or not, or worse, getting to your destinations late, you’ll realize that hiring your private driver is the best way to spend your vacation. To book your driver, contact Corporate Chauffeur Gold Coast, and experience the ease of using a reliable, professional, and luxurious service and your next trip will be more pleasant.


Yes, seat belt!! Your fave hobby of sightseeing without strapping in means another peril that a reliable driver can remove with a high-back booster chair and a five-point harness. Thankfully Corporate Chauffeur Gold Coast is here to handle all the transporting and allow your brain to release dopamine and endorphins instead of several bodily functions that are best had after you reach your destination.

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